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So you want to build a log cabin.....

I would like to share our log home story.  When my husband and I decided to build a cabin, we were very excited.  So 30 years ago, we built a basic ranch, 8" round log saddle notched home.  As the years have gone by, we are now 60 years old, this home is a lot of upkeep.  We love our home, but as the aging process, on the human body, takes over your life, a log home is a whole lot of work.  I have to laugh now when people say, "I want to build a log home to retire in"   OMG You can only relax and retire in one of these homes, if you can afford to pay someone thousands of dollars, every five to seven years, to clean, power wash, fill in cracks that develop, stain, and clear coat the home.  On top of that, then you have to buy the stain, and clear coat on top of the labor.  Not to mention maintaining deck and porch areas.  Since building our lovely home, my husband has had several back surgeries.  I have had both knees replaced.  Generally, most people, as we have either heat with a pellet stove, wood, or fireplace.  In the country, most people don't depend on propane alone.  Heat pumps are a joke  I did think ahead some, I am thankful we built a ranch, 1500 sq ft home.  I am not knocking log homes at all, we even were dealers for a few years.  What I am trying to convey here, is when you are young, think ahead in your life.  A ranch is easier and less expensive to maintain.  Those second stories get high off the ground.  You can build a ranch with a walk out basement and make that living area, hence keeping your home easier to maintain.  We love our home, it is beautiful, but if I had it to do over again, I would of sold it after my husbands first back surgery.  We will be selling it, right now a small brick ranch on about a acre is like a dream to me...So to you young log home lookers out there, don't be young and dumb, think ahead in your lives, and best wishes to all this new year

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