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Stock Exchange Concepts For Beginners

What is a stock market

Stock markets also known as 'share markets' are essentially the domains where a group of registered companies in accordance with the public interest accumulates for trade purpose. The primary aim of these ' equity markets ' is to offer shares to the common public as (IPO) i.e. an abbreviation of 'initial public offering' to interchange shares of any company. Thus, in short stock markets are an aggregated group of traders (buyers and dealers) constituting an ever growing dynamic network of mercantile transactions. They do not offer a corporal facility or distinct unit) of stocks (the 'shares') representing and imposing proprietary rights on businesses; all of these include the certainty and reliability recorded on a public stock exchange plus the ones traded personally. For instance, private companies who sell their shares to investors through equal crowd funding. Share exchange lists of the shares having mutual equity and various other safety concerns.

How the process goes on?

There are the 'primary markets' where seller sells new shares or securities extensively. These are then transported or floated in the 'secondary market' - a place where these stocks are exchanged through buying and selling of shares across investors both nationally and internationally. This exchange of trades occurs at prices either dictated or discussed by the buyer and seller or it happens over a fixed market price. This whole transaction at the secondary market is regulated by the administrative authority concerned - 'the regulatory authority'. However, the (SEBI) ie. The Security and Exchange Board of India, is in control of the primary and secondary markets in this field.

Who are stock brokers?

Stock brokers are cluster of registered and professional agents, who epitomize the interested client (brokerage firm , broker dealers etc ) to buy or sell stocks, shares and other Security for both personal and institutional purpose, and earn their living in the form of a minimal fee for the aforesaid  concern. Search online for the ' best trading account '' discounted and safe exchanges. Any stock exchange is a converging point of traders (buyers and sellers ).  Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE ) and National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) are the two India's premier most stock exchanges, with the former being the oldest and the largest in Asia. Any kind of share must be first registered and enlisted, to get traded during an exchange.

Benefits of stock breaking

  • Ownership of stock helps you reap instant benefits of the corporate earnings and the growing economy. Boosts client demands and earns more remuneration to get registered as company's cash.
  • An effective way to avoid future unpredictable inflation.
  • Too easy a way to chose between options to buy a stock. Can be brought online or offline according to your will.
  • You deal with a 'both end earning' facility. One end of the continuum holds the kind of people who buy at a low price but sell at much higher ones -with the fast growing companies. The other kind being the group of investors inviting a regular flow of cash with the moderately growing companies.
  • Gives you the opportunity to sell you stock at any time you wish to, this avoiding a risk of loss.

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