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The Dream within a Dream: Building our Log Home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado


The ground-breaking ceremony provided a Kodak photo moment, but the real breaking up the ground happened a week or so later. There were HOLES! A great big enormous one for the foundation, piles of dirt that will become the driveway, a hole for whatever gets drilled out of the well once that gets scheduled. A flat place for the well digger truck to brace itself. There was vast visual evidence now that the big dig had begun. We’d been worried they might hit rock obstacles while scooping out the foundation, but it turned out the back of the excavation cleared a rock outcropping so no problems. And no dynamite!


It got even more exciting when we drove up a week later and the footings were in…wood and concrete forms with rebar sticking out all over the place. This is the first time we could really see where the walls are going to go and how wide our front deck is going to be.


Then things got really interesting when the ICF’s (insulated concrete forms) arrived, the concrete was poured, and we had walls. Now we could see how really tall this house is going to be. The first floor deck is going to be waaaay up there (which is great for our family of perchers!)  And the balcony off our second floor master bedroom is going to have a great mountain view. The other major event was the arrival of the electrical power pole. Tall and mighty and standing proud at the edge of our property line, that pole means ELECTRICITY! We’ve got JUICE!


Our builders couldn’t wait to surprise us with a bonus…our first floor plan included a hexagon shaped entryway/mudroom that we thought was just going to be bumped out at grade. Turns out there was an entire hexagon shaped foundation underneath it. The builders wanted to make sure after the walls were up and the concrete was poured it did, in fact, make an entire other room space and so we now have a wine cellar bumping out of the walkout basement that will be behind our planned bar! It’s about 8 foot in diameter with 9 foot ceilings…plenty big enough for wine racks, a bistro or wine barrel table, and maybe even a trompe l’oeil window looking into a Tuscan vineyard. Craig and Benny were almost more excited than we were to share the good news!

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