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Types of Skin disorders during pregnancy

Pregnancy not only brings joy to a woman's life but somehow help to enhance her appearances with glowing skin.  Some women are not lucky like other pregnant women and often face various skin related problems during their pregnancy. The skin problems can be pimples or itchy rashes on the body or they can be the ugly stretch marks on the expanding belly of a pregnant woman. Skin problems can make her look like an oily faced teenager instead of a glowing princess every pregnant woman expects to be during their pregnancy.  Most of the skin disorders are harmless and disappear after the birth of the baby.


Skin disorders and how to deal with them

Many unforeseen symptoms are associated with pregnancy as the body reacts according to the hormonal changes. The skin is also not an exception and it also react to the hormonal changes.  Although most of the skin disorders during pregnancy are harmless and subside after the birth of the baby. Let's have a look at the most common skin disorders during pregnancy.

  • Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is one of the most common skin disorders during pregnancy. Increase in the melanin level of a pregnant woman causes hyper pigmentation and the face and body are covered by dark spots or patches which disappear after the childbirth. The new mother should avoid tight clothes and use lukewarm water in the affected areas. Medicines should be taken according to the advice of the Gynecologist.

  • Stretch marks

They are the very common Skin disorder which is caused by the extensive stretching of the skin around the belly. The skin loses its elasticity and the red marks appear on the belly region during the pregnancy days.  They are permanent marks and refuse to go in spite of applying various lotions and creams. They are not harmful at all and during the pregnancy days, moisturizer and be applied on the affected areas according to the advice of the doctor.

  • Acne

The most irritating skin disorder during pregnancy is the acne which gets worse by every passing day in spite of taking proper care of them. Oil glands secret more oil due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and cause acne.  Pregnant women should use skin disorders pregnancy drugs to control the acne under the prescription of a medical practitioner. 

  • Skin tags

They are the small harmless growth mostly on the chest and arms which refuse to disappear. Most of the skin tags can be removed after the baby is born under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Cholestasis of pregnancy

It is a liver disease where the hormonal imbalances affect the bile function of the liver. It causes itching in the body the affected pregnant women find it extremely uncomfortable.  A blood test can detect the condition and under the supervision of the gynecologist, medicine should be taken regularly to control the itching during the pregnancy.


Adequate water intake, adequate sleep and exercises can control the outbreak of skin disorders but it is very important to consult the physician about the medicine and the appropriate doses to cure the skin problems during pregnancy.

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