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Unclogging Pipes: How to Make Sure Your Plumbing System is Running Efficiently

The plumbing system in your home should allow for the water and waste products to flow as smoothly as possible. If you see a backup in a sink or the toilet or if there are any odd smells, then you might have an issue with a clog somewhere in the lines. There are a few ways to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible to prevent damage from occurring to the pipes.

Wrap your pipes with some type of insulation to prevent freezing. Foam padding works well as it's pliable and easy to remove in the summer when you don't need the pipes protected as much. During cold weather, let the water drip just a bit to keep it flowing through the system. Cloths work as well, but you need to make sure that they are dry before wrapping the pipes as wet cloths can freeze to the metal or plastic.

There are products that you can put in the drainage system to keep the water and waste products in the toilet flowing smoothly. These products often have bacteria in them that will eat the waste so that it doesn't build as much in the pipes before getting to the septic tank. If you notice the drains not allowing water to flow fast enough or if you see bubbles when you remove a drain stopper, then consider calling a company like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc. as this is usually an indication that there is a blockage somewhere in the system or that the tank itself needs to be pumped out.

Look For Leaks
If you notice that the water bill is higher than usual or if there are wet areas in the yard, then you might have a leak. You can use a long stick or a long metal rod to prod around the yard to find a spot that is softer than other areas. This is usually where the source of the leak is coming from and should be dug up to examine the pipe. Once you find the leak, you can try to repair it yourself or hire a company to repair it so that the plumbing system is efficient once again.

Lower Pressure
Keep your pipes from working too hard by turning the water pressure down. When there is higher pressure, small rocks and other debris from the ground can sometimes get carried through, puncturing the outside of the pipe. If you don't want to adjust the pressure in all areas of the house, then consider lowering it in the shower at least.

Your plumbing system should run efficiently so that you always have water in the home. There are a few things that you can maintain to prevent issues from developing, such as insulating the pipes. Once you're accustomed to how to care for the plumbing system, then it will be easier to maintain, saving you money spent on future repair bills.

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