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You might ask, "What to cook in electric skillet?” Of course, there are many menus that you can cook using electric skillet. You can make a variety of simple dishes using a skillet. You can get your food faster than you can imagine.

The Menus

Well, you can cook a lot of different dishes using the top rated electric skillet. Almost all of them comes with good quality, durability and real users already rated as a top electric skillet of the market. However, here some dishes you can try with electric skillet that’s are healthy and easy to cook.

  • Taco Pie is in the first place. It's not difficult to make Mexican specialties. The ingredients you need are taco shells, meat (chicken, turkey, or beef), tomatoes, cheese, and salsa sauce. The first step, place the taco shells in the skillet then place the ground meat on top of it. Place the taco shells on top of the meat and add the tomato slices and cheese. Cook for 30 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius. Once cooked, you can enjoy it with salsa sauce.
  • The next menu is Sprouts and Cherry Toasties. Bacon fat is the key to this dish. All you need is bacon, ricotta bread. Place the bacon on ricotta bread, and then add the cheese. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. After that, you can add pieces of parsley leaves and onion rings on top. You will feel the salty and savory taste that is very delicious.
  • Pork and red cabbage are one of the best menus. You need pork, red cabbage, and pickled onions. This is a menu that you can cook for less than 10 minutes, right? Place the pork on a hot skillet. After 5 minutes, add the red cabbage pieces and stir until wilted. Add pickled onions to add to the sour and spicy flavor.
  • Who doesn't like pizza? Casserole Pizza is one menu that you can use using an electric skillet. Pizza casserole made with beef, turkey sausage (chicken), cheese, and pizza bread. You can use any material (according to taste) as your pizza topping. The key to the success of this pizza is the cheese. This pizza uses a lot of cheese.
  • Steak is another menu that you can cook using an electric skillet. You only need to heat the skillet, place the meat, and voila. Besides that, you can also make omelets. Omelets and bacon is a menu that is very popular with everyone. You can even eat it whenever you want. You can also make a burger using the electric skillet. There are various menus that you can cook using electric skills. There are no restrictions on menus or types of cuisine; you can cook all using an electric skillet. However, you must limit the amount of food you will cook because the size of the electric skillet is relatively small.

The Advantages of Electric Skillet

Besides being able to cook a variety of menus, the electric skillet also allows you to cook casually. You don't need to worry that your cooking will burn because you can adjust the temperature and cooking time. You also don't need to use additional plates to serve your food because you can serve it directly using the electric skillet. Now you don't need to be confused about what to cook in electric skillet.

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