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Yard Wisdom: 3 Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy This Winter

Trees are more than just a way to beautify your property. They provide shade that can help reduce your energy use and can provide a windbreak against violent storms. Trees are also costly to replace, so homeowners should protect their investment in landscaping. You can help your trees to look their best by following these 3 maintenance tips.

1—Feed Your Trees Annually

Trees depend on the nutrients in the soil to create new leaves, keep branches strong and develop a healthy root system. These nutrients can become depleted, leaving the tree weakened and vulnerable to disease. Experts recommend feeding all trees on your property annually with a 10-10-10 nitrogen, phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer with a spreader at a rate of 3 to 4 pounds per 100-square feet of tree area. Do not use lawn fertilizer for trees, because it may contain herbicides that kill weeds, which can damage the health of your tree. You can also use tree food spikes that are driven down into the soil and which gradually dissolve to provide nutrients for the trees.

2—Water Trees Thoroughly

When weather conditions are dry, homeowners should provide their trees with additional water on a weekly basis. Different sizes and types of trees vary in the amount of water they need. Your local nursery or university extension service can provide information on your particular species. Generally, a sprinkler system does not provide the deep watering that they need to ensure their healthy growth and loses most of the water to evaporation. Instead, use a soaker hose and circle the base of the tree with it. Let the water run slowly for about an hour. Generally speaking, you should allow about one gallon of water for each one inch of trunk diameter

3—Prune Your Trees Regularly

Regular pruning can help to strengthen trees by removing damaged branches that may break during storms and cause damage to healthy limbs. Removing broken branches will also prevent people from getting hurt if a large limb falls. Pruning on a regular basis allows you to maintain the shape of trees, so they continue to be attractive. It will also be an opportunity to inspect the tree for disease or insect damage. It may be possible for you to remove small branches yourself, but for larger branches, it’s best to call in a professional tree service, like Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc, that can do the job safely.

Trees that are appropriate for the region can withstand a variety of problems. However, good maintenance can help them to thrive. If you give your trees a thorough inspection periodically, you will be able to detect signs of trouble early, so issues can be resolved. These tips will help you to enjoy your trees for many years.

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